quantum annealing

Quantum Annealing
PCSS is conducting research on quantum computers based on quantum annealing technology. This innovative technology, which utilizes the quantum properties of superconductors, is dedicated to solving complex optimization and machine learning problems that are challenging for traditional computers.

Practical applications of such computers encompass various fields, from chemistry and materials science to automotive and mobility, to supply chain optimization and logistics.

In the financial sector, quantum applications have been developed for financial modeling, portfolio optimization, risk management, and fraud detection. In medicine, quantum applications include drug discovery, clinical development, medical imaging, early disease detection, and genomics. Quantum annealing is the only field of quantum computing that solves real business problems and records a return on investment in quantum technology.

Development of quantum competencies
PCSS has access to advanced quantum annealing technologies, as well as experts who support the development and application of this technology.
This collaboration opens up new opportunities for research and innovation, allowing the exploration of practical applications of quantum annealing in various fields such as optimization, machine learning, logistics, finance, and medicine.